Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Ballad of Plum, Chapter Three

CHAPTER THREE—Something Wickedly Waiting

She waits patiently in her palace, planning.
So that’s where you’ve been,
whispers Her Majesty,
Now realizing what she has seen
Coming through the gates of her royal city.

She waits quietly on her throne, banning
All thoughts of malicious mauling,
Devouring the heart of the girl once a plum tree
Such a thought is delightfully enthralling
But these things must be handled delicately

She waits readily in her chambers, spanning
A cloak of enticing comfort into the air
Towards the plum-blossom girl and the fire sprite
Welcoming them closer, towards her shining lair
Oh, Her Majesty will eat well tonight.

It is rightfully mine, that heart she holds within
How unfair that my greatest prize be spirited away
To be placed within that frail, pale-haired siren
Once in my palace, she will forever stay.

And even thought the anticipation makes her
Still Her Majesty waits

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