Friday, April 27, 2012

Button and Balloon, the World's Greatest Assassins

* The old saying goes, "You can't judge a book by its cover," nor by its title, so it would seem...but sometimes a label holds more weight in how we view someone than we would think...*

Button and Balloon were highly skilled assassins,
The best in the world, the rumor spread ‘round.
Button could slip silently through the smallest of holes,
Balloon, quick and light, could not be held down.

It was said they took out a whole rival gang
With nothing more than a five-inch leather strap,
Their knives were so sharp, that could slash through light
They were the Cut-throat Kings, the Masters of Mishap

Button in his coat hiding his daggers and secrets
Balloon in his night-woven cloak and domino mask
Were a formidable sight (if they allowed you to see them),
They never failed when given a terrible task

But in truth, it was rare that these assassins
Drew a knife or gun, to cease their prey’s breath.
More often than not, all they did was give their names
And their victims laughed themselves to death.

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