Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Invention of Time; or "The Moment We All Got Into This Mess"

*This tale of the invention of time was passed down from someone proclaiming to be a descendant of an ancient society of Chronological Chroniclers...and it makes about as much sense as any other theory I have heard...*

He came to the others who were building the Universe
And said,
I’ve made something truly ingenious!
It will set all the Universe in order,
Dispel chaos and randomness,
Set things on a straight, continuing course,
Create predictable routines, measure the lengths of lives,
even predict what may and will happen,
because it will be a basis for intelligent organisms to record
what has happened.
I will call it…Time!

And the others scoffed and jeered,
What a ridiculous invention!
No one will use it, why should they care?
They know the sun rises and sets,
They know someday their lives will end.
Why need to know how long a day is?
Why need to know when one may die?
It will give them nothing but neurosis, impatience,
Anxiety, and fear, waiting for things to happen
When they could be content just living.
As for chaos, randomness, and disorder,
They are silly creatures; give them Time,
And they will only create more chaos
By trying to control it, like a pet.
Nope, put your silly Time away or dispose of it.

But the Time Maker, without the others watching,
Imbedded his creation in the minds
Of a race of creatures he knew would use it,
Live by it, set up their entire civilization around it.
Why us?

Because he knew we’d be the only beings
Who had even the faintest hope
Of programming the clock on a VCR.

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