Monday, April 23, 2012

"A Note from Pestilence to the Other Horsemen of the Apocalypse"

*Another lost letter that I came across quite by accident...apparently, some apocalyptic entities start to act a little more human after a few millenia of waiting for the world to end...*

I will not apologize for the black plague.
(I am actually quite proud of that one.)
I will not apologize for the STDs.
Although, I admit, that one was out of pure jealousy.
Not fair for one’s lot in existence to be a perpetual virgin.
I will not apologize for all the horrid things
That eat away at organs, brains, bones, and blood.
Not anymore than you would apologize for
the droughts, lack of money, and blights
that keep the poor starving–
or the anorexia, bulimia, and vanity
that keep the rich starving themselves.
Nor would you apologize for the greed and lust
that prompt nations to battle–
But let’s be honest, it never took you that much
effort to motivate them. You barely even nudge.
And I know, after all these millennia, YOU would never apologize
for the natural course of things, how you never allowed
Just one person or creature to be immortal.
But, maybe, I feel a bit sorry that I’ll never truly understand.
That I’ve spent all this time making infections
Rather than contemplating reflections.
I’ve concocted soups of virus and bacteria
But never enjoyed the scent of the blooming wisteria.
Maybe it’s taken this long for me to see things anew.
Or maybe I’m coming down with something too.

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