Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Recipe of the Day: “A Cure for Love Sickness”

*The chef for this recipe must have been a bit jaded about love and its possibilities. But at least he was honest enough to include the possible side effects of his creation...*

A Cure for Love Sickness

1 cup of common sense
1/3 cup of reason
2 tbsp. independence
1 pinch of self control (to season)
1 tsp. of personal goals or unclouded vision
1/2 tsp. of "I'd rather have my own life"
A dash of 100% self-oriented decision
A drop of your true colors (to scare off a husband or wife)

Mix together until well blended, then freeze overnight.
Drink up, and all your adorations will be forgotten.
Use when necessary, until you are cured of love’s blight.
(Side effects may include loneliness, regret, and feeling rotten)

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