Monday, April 23, 2012

The Tale of the Dream-Bits Frankenstein Creature

*This is a rather sad tale of what happens when dreams go unfulfilled, but at least there is always a chance to rediscover them, or for the lost dreams to send us a message.*

Six feathers
Two marbles of glass
Faux Leather
A porcelain doll body
Skeleton of bits of brass
An old iron key for my heart
With nothing to unlock
Stitched together by frayed threads, a bit shoddy
Even when I look in a mirror, I’m shocked
I still reject my jig-saw puzzle parts

Too many convoluted hopes and wishes
Without meaning
Slapped together, wanting too much
This is the mess you get when you rush
When you skimp on the beauty of proper dreaming
When your “destiny in life” so often switches

So rather than stayed locked away in shame
I set out on the sea, on an old mandolin
Padding with the spoon meant to stir up the sparks
That my Birth-maker was meant to laddle in
To my life-brew, giving me purpose and name
But instead I’m just broken beliefs and parts

Then one day I sunk, embracing the cool fingers
Of this endless Magellan-marked sea
But even the perfect clear waters rejected me
So it dragged me to the bottom of this well
Where to this day I patiently linger
As children toss in coins, making wishes
Do these children hope I have their hopes to sell?
Each metal disk is a fragment of what I could be
How I wish I could tell them, “Hold onto your dream,
Don’t just toss it down here with the fishes,”
But I guess dreams aren’t as precious as they seem
If they can end up at the bottom of wells, like me.

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