Friday, April 20, 2012

Welcome from the Imaginalchemist

Ah, I see you have finally arrived. Forgive me if the place is a bit of a mess. We imagination-alchemists, or Imaginalchemists as we (well, I) call ourselves do tend to get carried away.

Welcome to the Imaginalchemist's Haven; the Laboratory of Lyrics, the Kitchen of Composition.

Here is where you will find my secret recipes, poems, musings, and stories. Sometimes what you'll find will be soothing, other times surprising, and other times just bizarre (my favorite flavor). After hoarding away all these concoctions for years in my jars and cabinets, I realized they do no good if they are not spread around. So, lucky you, you can now see what's been waiting for you to discover it.

Ah, here's a nice little one as an example to start your journey into the magic that you will find here. And old friend of mine, the Pocket Junk Magician, handed down this special charm to me years ago. Maybe it will do you some good as well:

“A Childhood Charm from the Pocket Junk Magician”

1 button eye from a stuffed rabbit (a bear substitution will suffice)
3 sequins and 3 feathers from a Halloween mask
2 balloons (red works best, but blue will do in a pinch)
1 strap of a friendship bracelet woven by a childhood best friend (no stealing!)
1 small bag (like one used to hold jacks)
1 generous slash* of chocolate milk

The first four items into the bag should go
And hang it above your bedroom or kitchen doorway
So when you ever feel too grown up, you’ll always know
Your childlike wonder is never too far away
(Oh, and drink the chocolate milk. It’s good)

*slash defined as “a large quantity of liquid, as in soup or broth”

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  1. Hello!

    Congratulations on your new site! I dig your stories at Writer's Digest. I know once I start drinking your concotions, I will be in for a blast of a ride.

    I welcome you to join my site, not much older than yours. It also has a magic theme to it, though not as intricately woven as this one.

    Write at you later,