Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why Peter Pan's Shadow Ran Away

*There is always more to a story than what we first hear about it. Sometimes those "unknown" sides of the story remain silent because they do not have a voice, but one thing an Imaginalchemist knows is how to give those mute witnesses a chance to speak...even if they are mere shadows.*

Even I get tired of the darkness.
All the thievery
All the bloodshed
All the innocence distorted and spoiled
He acts like it is all fun and games
Feeding pirates to ravenous crocodiles
Feeding flesh to his dagger
Sacrificing orphans to swordplay and war

This is where children never grow up?
Because they never get the chance to
Never Neverland
Never never light
Never never dream
Always always feral
Always always darkness in their hearts
And I am tired of the darkness.

Somewhere beyond the second star
Somewhere there is a brighter light
Shadows cannot exist without light
So I tear my toes off where they touch his
And seek out that tiny, quivering glow
Through a window
In a bedroom
Where there is warmth and love and sleeping children
Who have never known bloodshed
Never never hated
Never never slaughtered
Always always dream with the light on
A little candlelight for a little bit of shadow
That can never never go back to the darkness.

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