Sunday, May 20, 2012

Call of the Warrior

*In honor of those attempting the Warrior Dash 5K Obstacle Course this weekend, here is a short ode to the determination and stamina of those daring individuals...*

When your arms are screaming and can’t lift one more sandbag
You whisper: I am the warrior.
When your legs are locking and can’t run one more mile
You murmur: I am the warrior.
When you’re on your belly in the mud, barbed wire scraping your back
You spit out the mud and say: I am the warrior.
When you feel the burn as you leap over the bonfire
In mid-air, you call out: I am the warrior!
When you throw yourself at the ten-foot wall, willing to climb over it
Atop it you cry: I am the WARRIOR!
As you ring that bloody bell at the top of that sweat-soaked rope
Ring it as you sing it: I AM THE WARRIOR!
At the end, with the mud drying in your clothes,
The soreness settling in for a month long visit,
And the finisher’s medal placed around your neck,
You sigh and smile, knowing: I am the warrior.

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