Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Life of the Labtebricole

*Yes, curious creatures undocumented by science do exist, well hidden like an ancient treasure you are never meant to find...although they may be much closer than you think...*

Beneath the floor, beneath the street
Beneath the grass under your feet
In the deep cool soil, you’ll find the hole
The home of the reclusive Labtebricole

He digs tunnels throughout the earth
Slithering silently in solitary mirth
His neighbors the rabbit, worm, and mole
Live in the protection of the Labtebricole

He cannot see, he cannot hear
Yet the dark and quiet gives him no fear
He can feel the earth’s pulse deep in his soul
Mud in his blood, has the Labtebricole

When the earth quakes, that is him screaming
When the flowers bloom, that is him dreaming
When he sings, the rocks on the mountain roll
Such is the wonder of the Labtebricole

And you have felt his presence too, I bet,
Those days when you watch the sun set
Lying on the lawn, or sitting on the hill,
And you’re enveloped in the quiet still
You feel the bond with Earth, making you whole,
This is the secret spell of the Labtebricole.

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