Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Recipe of the Day: Putty for a Shape-shifter Skin

* A fun little concoction catering to those who are feeling a bit itchy in the attire they were born with...*

At one time or another, secretly within
We’ve pined to be in another type of “skin.”
To cast off the worn-out mantle around our bones
 And grow into something new to call our own.
So follow this recipe, if you so desire;
A shape-shifting skin is what you wish to acquire:

30 scales/hairs from a Wild Unbridled Dream
1 melted-down coin from a fortune-telling machine
2 Tbsp. bitter Temptation (with no Inhibition)
3 cups 100% pure apple-scented Ambition
4 eggs laid by a Jub-Jub Bird (for open-mindedness)
1 1/2 cups grounded Seeds of Hope (for diligence)

Mix all ingredients with a silver spoon, then roll out with a pin
Into your preference of density, whether thick or thin.
Wait a day or two for the skin to dry completely.
To preserve it for later, just fold it up neatly
And keep in a special, solitary, cool, dry place.
When ready to use, start by applying to your face
And gently layer it all over yourself, even and smooth.
At first, you may not see a drastic change, but in truth
It is something you will grow into, if you believe
That you can transform into whatever you can conceive.

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