Thursday, May 24, 2012

The World's Hairiest Competition

*Weirdness abounds...not much else I can say about this one...*

Bigfoot, the Werewolf, and the Yeti
All with hair like matted spaghetti
Infested with colonies of lice, moss and ticks
Impenetrable as steel, their fur is so thick
Decided one day, they had to know
Which of them was “Hairiest of Show”

Bigfoot, with mane as dark as molasses
Was covered head to foot in furry masses
But his palms, face, and soles were bare
And there was a bald patch on his derrière
The Werewolf, a mangy monstrous sight
Had abundant fur as black as night
From snout to tail, tuffs sprouted everywhere,
But at sunrise, a naked hairless man was standing there.
The Yeti, his winter-coat as thick as thieves,
Had hair on every inch of him, so he wouldn’t freeze
But the others pointed out that come Spring,
He would shed that coat and lose everything.

But in the end of this hairy competition,
They would be stunned as a fourth addition
To their dispute arrived, and the three would withdraw
For Robin Williams, truly, was Hairiest of them All.

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