Monday, June 18, 2012


*Sphallolalia is defined as flirtaceous talk that does not go anywhere or lead to something more amorous. While this may seem like fun in theory, sometimes you don't know what you are truly missing...*

There is a place where many dreamers go,
Where the colors blaze bright and the music blares,
A city so pretty with a florescent neon glow,
Sphallolalia, where words have an intoxicating flare.

There the people love to sing lovely lyrics,
Whisper sweet nothings and spout seductive snares.
In Sphallolalia, everyone flirts and flounces
And dresses so flashy (or trashy) to exhibit their wares

And then one day, someone quite plain,
No ruffles, no satins, no makeup or lace,
Strode in Sphallolalia, bewildered by its beauty,
And obviously, she was quite out of place.

She looked around, as the Sphallolalians gawked
(and secretly scoffed at her dull blouse and skirt)
Who was she, thinking she could enchant anyone
Looking like that; could she even flirt?

And so they asked her why she was there,
And she said, “It is Love that I am looking for.”
And the Sphallolalians all stared, silent, confused,
As they had never known of that concept before.

For in Sphallolalia, all is just looks and words,
Toying with feelings, and dancing with temptation.
But no one knew what it meant to have more,
As it was all a game, with no true sense of elation.

So the traveler left, quite disappointed,
But determined to find Love, and she knew she would.
While in Sphallolalia, the people in their gaudy guises
Suddenly ached for Love, and feared if they could.

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