Saturday, July 21, 2012

"A Pen's Confession to its Paper"

* Love is perhaps, the most inspirational muse for an artist...and in some cases, an artist's tools may start to take on a life of their own when the mood strikes them, such as this personified pen...*

I tattoo stream of consciousness onto your fragile skin

 (I pray you love the calligraphic design)

 The words will make women and scholars adore you,

 Even though I wish those words were mine

But know that if I could weave my own ink-stain spell

 Without needing a hand to make me dance,

 And tell you of my joy when my metal-tipped lips

 Kiss you across your pale expanse

If only there was a sign to let me know

 That you could see the beauty that I scribe

 A curl, an unfurl, a ripple in your being

 To show me how you feel inside

But sadly, as we run out of time and space

 And I must conclude this brief affair,

 The magic of the dance loses its grip

 The poem is done, the love no longer there.

Ah well…on to the next page…

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