Thursday, July 12, 2012

"The Death of a Marshmellow"

*Following on the heels of our last story about the creepy cravings of a sinister sweet tooth, another tasty morsel from the Archives presents the laments and dreams of a common ice cream topping...*

The marshmellow, so soft and white
Was doomed to be impaled mercilessly
On a stick, and sentenced to roast that night
Over a fire, due to some unknown heresy
But as he awaited his inevitable fate
His mind drifted, sending him to a blissful state…

He dreamt of being so wild and bold
Of ascending to the clouds, fifty stories tall
Of having legs to walk, arms to hold
And eyes to see everyone below, so small
He could topple cities, crush cars in the street
As everyone would kneel at his feet…

But, in the end, his sugary puffiness
Would be his downfall, and men with blasters
Would ignite him anyway, causing his fluffiness
To rain over the town in an icky sticky disaster
So even though his demise wouldn’t be the stuff of lore,
At least he would fulfill his purpose being a s’more.

1 comment:

  1. Ah, it's tough being a marshmallow. Good rhyme, I enjoyed reading it.