Monday, July 9, 2012

"Ker-splat and Varoom"

*What happens when two silly words suddenly have a much-too-close encounter...*

Ker-splat was prone to fall
And splatter on the wall, while
Varoom blazed for miles,
Shooting through with a smile, faster
Than the wind, the master
Of speed. Then disaster one day
As Ker-splat made its way
Across the road, can’t say if it
Expected to be hit,
Being of lesser wit, but then
Came Varoom ‘round the bend,
And the two beings, when they struck
By unfortunate luck,
They meshed together, stuck and doomed
For they became Ker-boom
And exploded, a plume of smoke
Trailing up, but the bloke
Laughed, as if some joke was played
Upon it, some charade,
For Ker-boom, two words made to one,
Never had so much fun.


  1. Cute and clever. You have such a talent, and judging by the frequency of your posts, a real passion for writing. I always enjoy the consistent creativity of your posts on WD. Eureka aka Egg.

    1. Thank you, Eureka, you've made my day with your kind compliment :) And I always enjoy your written works as well.