Monday, July 2, 2012

Recipe of the Day: Brine to Eradicate Indoctrinated Beliefs (to Make Room to Plant New Ones)

*Today's recipe comes from a life-long scholar, Pontificus Thaddeus Hovenbecker Vundercrust, who strongly believed in unlearning what one has learned...which makes me wonder if he learned anything at all...*

Often we find that the beliefs that we have held onto for most of our lives were indoctrinated into us by external sources: social conformities, family traditions that may in fact inhibit our abilities to progress and move forwards, our religious upbringing, etc. For those who feel like their beliefs no longer make sense to them or they wish to break away from their indoctrination to test if their belief is true, this recipe provides a means to settle inner turmoil and doubt. However, one should be extremely cautious when conjuring this recipe, for you may find yourself rooted into new beliefs that you did not even know you wanted.
¼ cup raw fear (handle with care)
½ cup chopped rebellion scallions
1 dollop light optimism
2 tbsp. open-mindedness (I prefer cinnamon flavored)
2-3 sparks of catharsis (must be found, not purchased)
2 scoops of emotional liberating powder (also known as “letting go sugar”)
1 tsp. of a volatile creative compound, such as “soul flutter” or “Taliesin’s Essence”
1 mirror (approximately 10 inches in diameter)
1 strand of braided binding cord made from the “hairs” of a dryad willow tree

Combine the first seven ingredients in a large glass mixing dish (at least 12 inches in diameter), adding in the catharsis last. Beware of possible bubbling or spillage if you combine mixture too quickly or too forcefully. Place mirror in the mixture; allow to brine overnight or at least 8 hours. Remove mirror, and place under pillow or mattress during one full night’s sleep (must be at least seven hours, less and the effects will diminish). Upon waking, remove mirror and look at your reflection while wrapping the binding cord either around your neck, in your hair, around your wrist, or wherever is most comfortable. Keep cord tied to you for two to three days before unbinding.
Results will vary. It’s different for those trying to gain new perspective from those trying to reinvent themselves. Not advised for those seeking to spite others and their belief systems or attempting to forget where they come from—outcome may sour and spoil quickly.

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