Friday, July 13, 2012

"Those Terrible, Inevitable Words"

*Another short observation from an author who, apparently, grew up sooner than he/she would have liked...*

It had to happen sometime.
And maybe others don’t notice it.
But there comes a day,
After so many budding years
Of Daddy swinging you about in his arms,
Or playing in the mud in the garden out back
Or just narrating your heroic tales of make-believe…
And then one day Mommy or Daddy says
Those words, those terrible, inevitable words:
“Honey, you’re getting too old for that.”
That’s when you know
Innocence has decided to travel elsewhere.
Real life is clawing its way in at the edges,
And all of a sudden, the child is nowhere to be found.
Only the awkward prototype of an adult
Is left in its place.

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