Thursday, August 23, 2012

"A Balatron on a Baldachin"

*Another poem from the Archives, about how sometimes when we start reaching too high for what we pursue, we forget what may be right at our feet...*

Sometimes I see myself
Going through my life
As a Balatron on a Baldachin
A Clown on a Canopy
Trying to keep my balance
On a thin layer of linen
Bouncing on a towering trampoline
Trying to ascend to a greater height
Seeking to stand on the sun
Musing to mazurka on the moon
When truly, the sacred secret
I am leaping and longing for,
Flapping my arms like a loon
As I somersault and spin
The secret is right below me,
Beneath the shade of the baldachin,
A place, a face, a divine grace
Just waiting, storing up its laughter
For the day I eventually
Break through the canopy and fall
And sure, I’ll finally find
What I was looking for after all
But then I’ll realize that
All I had to do
Was stop staring at the sky for one second
And look down at the earth
That I already knew.

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