Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"Attitude and Hebetude"

*How quickly our "tudes" change in the course of a day, as documented by this observer whose spirit is always willing, but the flesh, not always...*

This morning, out of bed I jumped
With my attitude fully pumped.
I told the sleep-stealing dawn,
“I’m up! I’m ready! I’m the best!
Throw everything and anything
You got at me! Put me to the test!”
Then my attitude turned sour
At about the noonish hour.
“My 6:00am exercise wore me out,
There was no coffee at work,
But just a break for lunch
Should give me a little perk.”
But by the end of the day,
My Go “At It” in atti-tude went away.
I went home, flopped on the couch
Where the word “Hebe” was lying,
And it replaced “Atti” in front of “tude”
Without me even trying.
So here I lay with my “Hebetude”
‘Cause I don’t mind a moment of “boring.”
But it’ll morphed back into Attitude
When I wake up tomorrow morning.

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