Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Additions to the Archives

As you can see, my Archives are quite plentiful with tales, recipes, poems, observations, and musings from all walks of life. However, part of my role as an Imaginalchemist is not just to share these literary morsels, but to collect them as well. After all, archives are continuously growing leviathans that never stop feasting on inspiration and creativity, yes?
Thus, I’d like to offer the chance for you to add a little something to this beast of paper and ink.
One common theme you may find among these archives is personifying the inanimate (I refer you to “Spooning Over You” or “The Appliance Whisperer” for examples). Imagine what the simplest object could tell you if only we understood its language. And yes, every object has a language…most humans just don’t have the capacity to learn it.
Let’s say you were granted the ability to understand the language of one particular object (or kind of object, so you could talk to several of the same type of item) for one day. Would it tell you a dark secret? Would you finally find out why that object has never functioned properly, no matter how many times you repaired it? Would it tell you about all the places it has been, being passed from one owner to another? Maybe it has always pined to do something, and now you can fulfill its wish?
Recount what would happen in 500 words or less. Happy penning!

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