Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Perfectly Preserved"

*Sometimes the things we try to hold onto are simply too fragile, or too fleeting to stay preserved...*

Within the recesses of my silent other being,
Somewhere, a smarter version of myself
Must have stuffed some of my purest passions,
Those good vibes, those emotions of exaltation
And packed them tightly into a plastic bag,
And vacuum-sealed it shut
So during these times
When my outward, insecure self
Is monotonously morose, void and null,
Needing a swift kick (wherever I get kick-started)
I can go back to that timeless, uncorrupted bag
Of beautiful thoughts and undamaged happiness
And look at it, just look at it and remember.
Because if I (or should I say “when” I, since
I inevitably do stupid things like this)
Tear open that sack of suspended ecstasy,
Desperately craving that delicious electricity
It’ll crumble into dust, into the powder
At the bottom of a cereal box,
And then I’ll be stuck with just me.

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