Thursday, August 2, 2012


*The term "tergiversation" refers to the desertion of a cause, position, party or use evasions or to change sides. Another anonymous observer wonders what causes someone to abandon their beliefs...*

Were does the passion go
When one succumbs to
What asphyxiates the aspiration
That once gave the crusader
Such electric elation?
Where is the righteous fire
That scorched inside,
The worthy cause
That filled him with pride?
What silences the soliloquy
Of the outspoken orator,
What blinds the visionary
And makes him a deserter?
Why is our faith floundering,
Our conviction crumbling,
When hope should be unbreakable
And keep us from stumbling?
Maybe the world is too heavy,
Or it’s dream deprivation,
Or do our own fears trigger

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