Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Viruses, Rabbits and Insanity

*Sometimes, the items found in my archives are not just stories from the past and present...there might possibly be a wormhole in this library somewhere that allows memoirs from the future to leak in. A fragment of one such chonological anomaly, a page from some futuristic diary, managed to find a home on my shelves...*

I supposed I should have thought it a bit strange to see a rabbit on the G.O.L.F. course, given that rabbits have been extinct for nearly 50 years.
                Then again, a lot of strange things have happened since the Hypnos Virus hit. People become detached from reality when infected; they hallucinate wild things, they even swear that they see both the past and future. But eventually, they all drown in their contaminated minds, until all their other bodily functions shut down one by one. They slip away entirely. That’s what the doctor said when my mother and father both got infected. Father slipped away months ago, and Mother is down to her breathing function…but the monitors read that her mind is in silent overdrive.
                So I wanted to volunteer my help with the Galactic Olympics Lifesaving Fundraiser (G.O.L.F.)—an interstellar event since the Hypnos Virus had affected other planetary regions as well. During one anti-gravity event at the 11th wormhole, I sliced the hover-ball out of bounds and went to retrieve it.
There it was, a tiny white rabbit with my hover-ball in its mouth.
                I had never seen a living rabbit before, just the stuffed ones in museums. “Hey, little fella. How’s about dropping my ball?” I coaxed.
                The rabbit spit the ball out into its paw, and replied, “Follow me.”
                Funny, I didn’t recall anything in historical biology records stating that rabbits could talk, but then again, the records never said that they couldn’t. So, with a quick glance over my shoulder—no one seemed to notice that I was missing—I pursued the rabbit into the brush.
                I began to realize the brush was morphing around me. Rather than the fabricated foliage custom-designed for the property, it began to look more feral, more organic—as far as I could determine what organic would look like, based on holographic records.
                And then I found the rabbit—being eaten by a man-sized lizard in a purple tuxedo.
                “What are you doing??” I gasped as I saw the lizard munch away.
                The lizard shot me an irked glance. “What? It’s just coconut.”
                I realized then that the rabbit wasn’t bleeding, and in fact was still alive. “He does this all the time,” the rabbit replied.
                The lizard wiped a few flakes of coconut from its muzzle. “So, are you ready to wake up yet?”
                I tilted my head. “Wake up?”
                “You’d be surprised how many people say no,” the rabbit said.
                The lizard shrugged. “What can we say? It’s more fun on this side.”
                My sense of logic had been smothered by curiosity. “Is it?”
                “Oh, yes,” the lizard said, as I started to hear faint music on the breeze, and flowers and fruits of neon colors blossomed all around me. “It’s as fun as your imagination can take you.”
                “Imagination? Is that, like, insanity?”
                “Depends how far you want to go.”
                The lizard extended a scaly hand towards me. Around me, the music sang and whispered, Come, come…Come with us…

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