Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"When is Time not Money?"

*Odd how we try to apply monetary values to the intangible, and yet some of us base our whole lives around it. Sometimes you need to step outside of your "life" to discover the true value of things, as this slave of the nine-to-five standard found...*

“When is Time not money?”
It was the first enigma,
The anti-belief in which
Most of his life had been built.
“Time is Money, Time is Money,”
That was what had been
Drilled, Branded, Tattooed, Scarred
Into him, a slow but enduring process.
Perfect practicality
Never lying Logic
Molded Management
Organized Order
Everything that had
Dictated his existence
Everything that had
Made him stable, comfortable,
And now came the question:
“When is Time NOT money?”
When it’s wasted?
It had triggered his journey,
Down the gray mist-dampened streets
Past the ever-watching streetlamps
Up the battered broken walkway
To the faded red front door…
And the sounds of piano music,
The laughter of brothers,
The gossip of sisters,
The stories of parents and grandparents…
As the door opened wide
And the familiar faces welcomed him in,
He knew the answer.
Time is not money
For, perhaps, only a moment,
Only a breath,
Only a thought,
But in that moment,
Time was priceless.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this. The concept flowed well thorought the writing and the end had a real punch to it. Truth showing through the lies.