Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Lisa Licks the Stars"

*Possibly the start of what could have been a children's book...a rather unusual tale about one little girl's quest to do something no one else ever has, and just how far she goes to do it...*

While other children were good at sports,
Or singing songs or writing book reports,
Lisa Lafaire, pretty, witty and small,
Didn’t think she had any talents at all.
So she decided, “If I can’t play ball or sing
Or do any of the things other kids are doing,
Then I’ll do something that no one else is!”
And she pondered until her brain would fizz,
Then she got an idea—now no one knows why—
She would taste every star hung in the sky.
Adults didn’t understand—“you can’t taste stars!”
The other kids laughed—“What are you, from Mars?”
But Lisa was determined, so slowly but precisely,
She built a soapbox rocket that would do nicely.
She packed some ketchup, a fork, a spoon,
A baggie to collect green cheese from the moon,
Peanut-butter-fuel for the trip there and home,
And for her co-pilot, one of Mom’s garden knomes.
Then the rocket took off, in no time she was high
Up above the world, above the blue of the sky.
Passing by, she licked the moon (tasted like brie),
Nibbled on Mars (just a bit too spicy),
Ate some asteroids (hmm, like chocolate malt),
And chomped Jupiter (could use a little salt)
And finally, she came to the Milky Way
Each star blazing with flavors in alluring array
She tasted a cornucopia of consumable constellations
Overwhelming her tastebuds with savory sensations
But soon she was bloated, ready to burst
And she had only licked a spoonful of stars in the universe.
“Golly, I didn’t know how long this would take
To taste every star up here…maybe this is a mistake.”
So, her ambition stymied, she turned back around
Returning to earth, landing her rocket on the ground.
And she was sad, because she felt like she failed
To do what her special objective entailed.
But her mother said, “You should be proud
Of soaring so high above the clouds,
And doing what no one else had dared to do.
All this means is, your goal isn’t through.
You can always go back to discover more,
And taste new things you didn’t taste before.”
So if you ever catch Lisa off in her daydreams,
She’s thinking of galactic stellar ice creams
That she will find some day, above the blue.
Maybe, one day, you’ll discover them too.

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