Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"Memories are Snails"

*Another observation from the Archives about the nature of our memories...*

Memories are tiny devoted snails
That tag along behind you,
Leaving their sticky residue
In persisting, twisting trails

And even if, after a mile or two,
They fall so far behind
When you take a rest, you find
They soon catch back up to you

You might even want them gone
So you throw salt in their way
But even if they shrivel or decay
Their shells keep rolling on

And if you try to break those shells
The fragments are still there
Stuck in your fingers and toes so bare
So the pain never truly quells

So let the snails follow as they will,
Acknowledge them, but walk ahead
You’ll gather more on the road you tread
As your earth-changing trail grows longer still.

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