Monday, September 17, 2012

"The Brief Life of the Vegetable Lamb"

*Perhaps the oddest of mythological creatures, the Vegetable Lamb had a very short life, but not necessarily a meaningless one...*

From her stem, she saw a few things.
Such as when the basilisk stormed through
Tearing up the earth beneath its scaly belly,
Petrifying all living things with its gaze.

She simply grazed.

There was the time the trolls attacked the pastures,
Stealing cows and swallowing piglets whole,
But they didn’t care much for vegetable lambs,
Too tiny and they taste like mothballs, they said.

She simply grazed.

Then the prince came to the farmer’s cottage
To wed his young daughter, the loveliest girl
But she wished to test his heart, so she made a soup
From gryphon milk, which is poison only to the wicked.

He died. She wept.
The lamb simply grazed.

Then the grass surrounding the roots of the plant ran out.
There was nothing left to graze.
And, because she was attached to the stem,
She could not go elsewhere for more food.
Well, this has been an eventful three days, she thought.
I suppose it could have been worse.
Then the withering set in.
She simply slept.

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