Saturday, February 8, 2014

Is Enough

It is easy to want to be a hero.
It is hard to be what we wish to emulate.
The right thing isn’t about forcing others do what you believe is right.
It is doing what is best , for others and for you,
Even if it kills you a little every day after.
For while we cannot control what others do to us,
It is our decision how we let it affect us,
Whether we let it poison us, or we grow from it.
You can carry the grudge, or you can let it go.
You can blame, or you can forgive.
Sometimes, you can despise someone so intensely,
Only because that someone, you once loved the most.
And even though that someone may have hurt you,
You know that the world is a better place with that person in it.
So don’t be afraid to love hard, even if the risk is great.
Don’t be afraid to trust, even if you have been broken.
And don’t forget, even if the memory stings.
If you part ways, knowing your paths will never again cross,
Knowing that person is in the world, is enough.