Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sometimes...(A Poem That You'll Forget)

The anger
The sadness
The pain
Is so intense
I want to tear out my insides
Purge myself of everything balled up
Regurgitate my hate
Scream that you might feel the same
Although I know it wouldn't change
The fact that you've forgotten me.

The burning
The yearning
The dagger
Is plunged so deeply
I pray to feel nothing
Become as gray and cold as December
Yet it pains me more to not remember
Because you were a part of me
A fact that I cannot forget.

The aching
The twisting
The rope
Tightens around my throat
And I wonder if I'll fly like a kite
Somehow finally get above all this
And stop wondering if you feel this pain too
Although I know you don't, it's true
My fact is your fiction, I'm just a figment

You woke up, while I faded with the dream.